Saturday, February 27, 2010

a bit behind

OK, OK, OK I know I said I was going to spend my day off studiously writing awesome blog entries that you all could read and thus re-experience my fun Saturday from last week, with me.  Uh...I didn't do that. Nope, I ended up (after my 7p-8p shift at WORT) going to the Frequency, and while I was there I somehow got on the topic of the Live Rocky Horror show. So...I decided to go to it. It was the opening show on Thursday night (10p). Unfortunately I had my car, so Instead of just walking over to the Orpheum, I had to drive (which was nice) and park over there(which wasn't as nice). Eventually I found a good spot (actually, I got the rockstar spot by by the triangle market on the corner of State, Henry, and Johnson), it was 30 min only parking, but I decided to risk it (no ticket later, thank you).

I got my ticket, a medium popcorn, and waded into the sea of freaks (but my kind of freaks) to pick out a seat. I got a decent seat, in the front 1/3 of the theater, the farthest left seat of the right hand section. I had a open row in front of me, so I didn't have to constantly get up to allow people by, not that I mind doing it, but it's nice to not have to.

The show started promptly at ten, but only after the cast members mingled about in the audience for a while. Some of 'em were obviously soaking up the attention, some were playing their part, and some were chatting with, I assume, friends and relatives.  One even grabbed a hold of my pony tail from behind. I told her that "it doesn't come off, no matter how hard she pulls" She responded with a sultry, "ya, but do you want me to try", then she disapeared (without trying).  I'm not sure which of the cast it was, but it wasn't one of the overtly queer (is that an OK term to use? I don't want to offend) , male dancers (not that there's anything wrong with that) , It was one of the girls. I'm 99% sure of it.

Once. the show started I was immediately transported back to high school, where I'd been introduced to Rocky Horror, or at least the soundtrack. Between the band (named: Sweaty Nut Sack) and the performers, they did it, IMO, to perfection. Exactly like I remember the soundtrack.  The audience was involved, and having fun, the performers nailed it, and I had a blast. They were given a well deserved standing ovation after the show, and I think almost everyone, including me, did the Time Warp again!

As much as I wished I had my T1i with me, I had to settle for a couple crappy iPhone pics.  There horrible, but I'm gonna put one or two up anyway. Here you go:

Just a note. I've spent hours today trying to bone up on using Picasa, and getting my photos into it, so there may be some problems with these, it's my first try at using Picasa, bear with me. It doesn't seem as simple as Photobucket (for getting links embedded), but other than that it seems pretty good. We'll see. I'm a Googleite. I could probably better survive a major blackout before surviving a major Google outage. Don't fail me Google.


 OK, I won't make you suffer with more awful photos.

After the show. I zipped back over the Frequency and hung out with Darwin, Jess, Liz, Nate, and (as always seems to be the case, for me, there)  a new, interesting friend.  This one with a cool name (that I can't quite remember, but it starts with "ch" and ends with a type of cat). I hung out 'till bar time giving rave reviews of Rocky Horror, and talking about all sorts of stuff. A great place.

Here's a  few photos I took of the place a couple days ago. I like 'em.

This is Darwin, thank him when you see him.

These are long exposures. I'm still learning how to get good shots, so you're gonna see a lot of blurry stuff for a while, I bet.
Darwin, on the move, while a band plays in the back, and one patron is on a laptop, and another on a smart phone.
The Frequency back bar, notice my telegraph, and the rock'm sock'm robots, and also the cool "rain" lamp, with the naked lady.

Anyway, I got home, slept in, and instead of writing all about the previous weekend, I lived this one.  I went over to the day care center,  that Lisa runs, and as promised,  I took photos of her charges, for her.  I had a good time. It's really fun to play with kids that age, especially the ones she has with 'special needs'.  I've got some good photos, but I'm not gonna post them until I find out if it's kosher, or not.  Later that night I took her to the midnight show of Rocky Horror. Alright, even I admit that I may have ODed on the Rocky. I'm definitely don't need to go again for 20 to 30 years, so watch out 2040 revival, a seventy year old me may be there, but still not in drag.

Tonight, Lisa and I are going to the Madison Symphony Orchestra  to hear Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1. and another piece that I recognized when I listened to a clip, but I can't remember what it is.

But tomorrow, I AM going to write all about my wonderful February 20th, the first day with my new camera.  Until then, sorry, and thanks.


At February 28, 2010 at 12:09 AM , Anonymous dragonlms said...

I'll see if I can get the daycare parents permission to put up some of the pictures you took here. Some are just too precious not to share.
Rocky was a blast! I'd seen bits and pieces of the movie here and there, but never saw the whole thing until my sister and I came across it on TV one night last month. The audience participation at the Orpheum show was hilarious. It was totally worth not getting to bed until after 3am.
I really like that last Frequency photo. All the lights on top and the sparkling glass below. Very cool.


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