Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just re-read my last post. (Hell, If no one else is going to comment on what I write, I might as well.). (thanks Dragon)  I've decided to to try and promote my blog a little. After all, my original blog, Rich's Rants, has been around since 2001, with postings evenly distributed *over that whole time (but not a lot)..  That's got to make me one of blogging's original bandwagoneers. I don't claim to be an innovator, not yet at least. But I've got some history, and a decade in Internet years is like 50 dog years.  I figure might have all sorts of  blespect coming my way. Or maybe not. I guess that's fine too ,it's just not as appealing an option.

 Anyway, the purpose of this blog, other than someplace for me to write what I'm thinking, is to generate some scratch. You know, moolah!  I hope somebody besides me, finds my life interesting..  So, please don't forget to check out the cool and awesome products being advertised here.  The eggheads at Google 'know' what you are into.  I say give your Franklins to advertisers seen here, instead of your head shrink. Why? Because those eggheads (and their cousins over at TIVO) know what you 'really' want.  Probably better than you do yourself, and definitely better than that night school, head shrinker your health insurance company is willing to pay for.   So, please try to un-train your eyes from ignoring the ads on this here blog,.  I've got them set for text only now, so they shouldn't be to imposing.  I don't know how to teach you to do that, I can barely do it myself, so I can't really expect you to, can I, but try, OK? You have my permission to never read this again if this blog ever has gaudy or irritating ads on it.   I'm not saying to buy crappy products or anything you don't need.  Ever!  But try and give the google gods their due repsect. (is it scary that my spell check calls out google, for not being capitalized, and TIVO isn't even in the dictionary?  Hmmmm....), and keep an open mind.  Hopefully, if my audience is as cool as I think they should be, the advertisements on here should all be for good stuff, that you probably want to check out.  (I guess I'll have to intentionally misspell the names of things I don't like).  The only ad I've noticed myself, so far, was an add for winter tires. Probably because I talked about the Blizzaks on my car, which happens to be a BMW One series. See what I mean. Make comments, I'm sure they get higher weighting (If not, Call me Google, I can join your think tank. Can your algorithms identify, by context, if the comment is pro product, or con product). See that. I just linked to Google themself (kind of like speaking the name of the....).  Maybe They'll spend some of their ad money here. Why not, I'll spend Google's money as well as I do anyone else's.  (there's another idea google. Beat apple in coming  out with your own currency.  This post is timestamped so I want roalties on each Gdollar transferred, in payment for the idea.)  And remember, I love free stuff...  Oh ya, don't forget to  link to my site, I guess that helps a lot too, plus more people get to read.

By the way I had to agree not ask or encourage you to click on any of the ads here for the purpose of making me money. I don't want it like that, and I don't  want anyone doing that. (but thanks). Clicking on anything is up to you, but I'm not going to pretend to ignore it either. I'm not going to put in links myself to anything I'm not FOR, for now.  Apparently this is how people make money today, shy not me. I've got stories.

If I'm breaking any Grules I hope (ahem) that the powers that be will contact me, to inform me of my err.

P.S. I have never completed a college course, so don't rag on my bad grammar.  Helpful suggestions or benevolent advice is fine. Even constructive criticism.   No mean spirited stuff though. OK?


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