Thursday, February 11, 2010

the Big Easy

Well the SDO on it's Atlas didn't launch (yesterday). to make a long story short (since I have to outrun a snowstorm) Yesterday was a scrub, I decided to gamble against a launch today (I was wrong, it went up fine) and leave for New Orleans. (Crap, I honestly just now, realized that I completely forgot my whole reason for coming here.)  The reason I came here was to see the WWII museum, but after hanging out in the French Quarter 'til 3 or 4, I got on the road (and the cuausway) to get a head start out of town. Mostly to get ahead of the possible snow storm they have predicted for today, but also to find cheaper accomodations.  Oh well, gives me a perfect excuse to return. I think I like it here.

Anyway since it's way past the time I wanted to leave I'm just going to post a few of the photos I took last night

Crap, Freezing rain, I'll post photos later. Gotta go

OK I'm back. I'm about 50 miles south of Memphis. I stopped at a gas station to catch a nap. all the long nights and strange schedules are starting to catch up.The last thing I need is to have an accident.  I'm going to put up those photos now.

Classic Frech Quarter building

I love tha barkers (is that what they're called)

a cool cowboy

keys in a antique store windown

Petit soldiers in a store called Le Petit soldier (or somthing like that)

A drunk who knows how to work tourists

I couldn't help but to editorialize about Bourbon st. A drunk asian college aged kid saw me taking the photo and went on and on and on about how cool an idea it was. I tried to get him to pose in the backbground but he was smart, and realized he was making an ass of himself.

a very cool access cover. There are lots and lots of differnt covers, but this was tohe coolest I saw. I thought about stealing it (ortrying)


At February 11, 2010 at 5:23 PM , Anonymous dragonlms said...

I want a framed copy of the French Quarter building. That is so cool the way the lights are shining.
And the picture of the drunk is very intriguing. The sign above him, the way his hand is lit up but his body is mostly dark, yet you can still see the beads he has on... You can tell people respond to you. It's difficult to take good photos of people, but you seem to have a knack for it.


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