Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's the future!

Shoot!, I can't believe I fogot to post this. I'm doing it now. Although, now I have an update. Since I first wrote this, but forgot to post, I reieved a thank you email from the Aeanas Family.

And I'm in it. I made it. I was born in nineteen seventy. My life was about as high tech as a middle class kid's life could get. My dad worked for IBM, so we had a PC around (PCjr at first) before a lot of folks. Even to this day, Dad is way ahead of me computer wise.  I'm the only personn, of my generation, who's father is more knowledgable about computers than his offspring.  with the exception of my friend Ed.  Ed's family had a camcorder. This was back when you had to carry two suitcases along with the camera. One was the VCR (which was also new) The other piece of luggage was the battery. It was HEAVY, man was it heavy. (I'm a little bit high right now, so shhhhh)

Evan, is my camping neighbor. His daughter is going to be ten in three months. Like an idiot I introduced myself to someone in his group. I practically Yelled! "I got media accreditation", wait, not it wap probably more like this!!  " I GOT MEDIA ACREDITATION", I immediately realized (which is not the normal case) that I was being a tool, and embarrassed, I went back to my awesome campsite.  (Update: it's like an hour later) Evan, and the guy I first introduced myself to came back. Knowing I have the internet, makes me like the village Shahman. Well, maybe not quite, but I hope it makes my campsite a meeting place. (once or twice).

OK, I'm in overload,. my communication may only be in photos for a bit.  Maybe short posts.  I just had a eureka! couple of hours (I'm slow like that) with Kara's EOS cameras. I've been photographing my campsite, myself and, the best; the Arenas family. The allowed me to take a couple extremely long exposure photographs, My report with them had me befriended and trusted to line them up like models. But I am true in my heart, and that shows through. I think. I'm still a little high (sorry Mom). It's now an occasional thing. Not that there's anything wrong with it! (I just slipped on my Joker gloves (for cold temperature keyboarding). There's named after Joker, my club brother who gave me the idea. Any typos? I'm not even gonna look to see. Too bad.

I was going to post this now, but I think I'm going to wait to do that until after I can add the photo of the Arenas family. This photo may be my first original thing. But I see I'm capable. It's almost ten pm now....



Memory media problems, still working on's 10:13


Just got a reply from Garmin tech support, with a fix. I didn't burden you with the problem that I havenot been able to download any of my GPS track (these things aren't perfect yet, but I like things a little difficult.The person who told me what to do is obviously a coder of some sort because he gave me the most perfect instrucions to delete a bunch of files,I've ever had.   Bravo Zulu Flo! (look that one up). time is 22:30. Will shower soon.

.Memory media problems resolving.

OK I'm at the press center at my desk (Seat 28) I got everything packed up and I've calmed down. Its.2:45 am and the countdown just went below 1 hour, but the mood is that weather is going to scrub it. It's only 30% Go. (which isn't good)

Here are some photos

That's my hand.

 This is my campsite.

The Arenas family. The little one moved a little.

And now for the best one. I just took this at my nest where I hope to get the long exposure shot

T minus 34:34 right now. I'm moving outside.  Wish me luck



At February 7, 2010 at 7:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Love your photo of the launch site! You might be on to something.......with my camera's of course.
Too bad the whole thing was such a letdown..... well, the liftoff part anyway.

At February 7, 2010 at 9:45 AM , Anonymous dragonlms said...

Village crack me up. But leave it to you to befriend an entire family and get them to line up for a photo.
The photos are great. They're a nice accent to your descriptions.
Bummer about the delay with liftoff. Well, just gives you more time to add stories to the adventure...


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