Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photographic complications

Well, I got some more preparations complete for my trip. My car now has cool new wheels, and tires on it. I felt compelled to explain why I was putting them on to the guys at the shop, considering snow is forecast for tonight.  That's alright, I like explaining it.  Almost everyone I mention my trip to, I end up giving my web address to.them to hopefully follow along.  Hi guys. I hope you all enjoy reading about this stuff as much as I'm enjoying writing about it, much less doing it.  Especially the crew at Terry's Car Care, they're the best

(The break between the last paragraph, and the next one, was a few hours.  I got an email from my big sis saying I could borrow her camera.  The catch was, I had to drive over and get it right then (my catch, not hers), So I did. Of course, she, now being a reader of my blog, gave me the 20 questions about my date last Sunday (info is from my other blog).   I stuck around and chatted for a while.  Then, since I was out anyway, I stopped by The Frequency for a beverage).

I dropped my car off at the shop  early this morning, and then later, I had my new wheels and summer tires on it when I picked it up after work.  I rode in, on my bike, all out of breath and while I paid and warmed up, I ended up chatting with the gang there, about this trip,  for a while. They are some very nice folks there,  I trust them with my ride.  Of course, it's inevitable that as soon as I went for a drive (to get the camera) It started snowing, so I drove real careful, that rubber is hard.

I also had a notice that the USPS had tried to deliver a package. I'm confident it;s the Dual cone filter, from Burger Motorsports.  I'll try and grab it during lunch tomorrow.  I'm not completely sure if I'll be able to make time to install it (and my new chip) before I leave.  I'll bring a minimal tool kit along, and maybe do it down south if I don't install it here.  I am a little concerned that I won't get a few other goodies I ordered for this trip. Nothing dire, but I still hop they show up.  My GPS already has a RAM mount designed for motorcycle handlebars. I ordered the necessary parts to suction cup it to my windshield. I also ordered a suction cup mount for my  beloved iPhone, mainly to free up the cup holder.

Lunch is gonna be busy tomorrow. In addition to going to the post office, I also am dropping my baby home at the dealership for her first service.  I told a great service manager there my situation, and he made room for me. That my friends, is service.  Thank goodness, because tomorrow is really the only day left to do it.  Thanks Mike.

I also tried doing some research on the taking of good quality photos of a night launch. I'm lucky enough to have a hand-me-down Digital SLR camera. A Cannon EOS.  It's my sister's older digital SLR, she got a newer one.  I found a great resource online to tell me all about it.  It's a little heavy on the photo geek speak, but I hope some of the info will sink in if I read it over and over. Sometimes that works.  His photos and detailed travelogues are great.  I was even able to make contact with him, and upping my confidence level, about getting some good photos. He does, however,  recommend, for a first and only launch, not taking photos, and just enjoying the experience. I don't think I'll be able to do that. I want a photo (even a bad on) to memorialize the moment, but I'll keep an open mind. Thanks Stan.

I also heard back from the creator of another amazing FAQ.  It is Ozzie's Space Launch Viewing FAQ Page 
at http://spacelaunchinfo.com/  . That page is my main resource, so I sent him an email explaining my road trip.  His response was great. It makes me realize what a special thing I'm about to experience and that maybe I'm even more lucky than I though, which is amazing by itself.  Plus, he has the coolest telephone # ever.  Thanks Ozzie.

My basic goals for tomorrow are to get packed, and load the car. And actually plan a route down there.  It's not looking good for me to create a route in MapSource, the mapping software for my GPS.  Maybe I'll be able to do just the part in the Smokey mountains, if any. Heck, the rest of it is all interstate. I could probably write the directions there on a matchbook cover.  I'm still hoping to stay with an old Navy buddy my first day out, but that's in serious question because of scheduling conflicts, and the fact that I forgot to email him to tell him that I'm leaving on Wednesday, instead of Thursday.  So there may be hope for a warm bed (or couch) in Louisville.

Anyone with a bed to share, now's the time to fess up. By 'share", of course I mean let me use it by myself to sleep on. Not any other way, you pervs.


At February 2, 2010 at 9:28 AM , Anonymous dragonlms said...

It's interesting to hear about all the people behind the scenes of this trip. The people helping prep the car. Your sister lending you the camera. The people with the photog advice. And of course-Ozzie ;-)
I'm eager to hear about the people you'll come across during the actual trip now! Which is basically hours away.
It's too bad you can't clone yourself so you can watch every second of the launch but still get the photos you want. But knowing you, you'll manage to do both somehow.


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