Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SDO sunrise

In think it's fitting that since I decided to stick around to watch the launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) that I got some nice photos of the sunrise on the day it's supposed to (but not looking good cuz of the wind).

I had already packed up my campsite, so I got a room at a little motel on the water. It has a great view of the space complex, I could really imagine having a good time watching a launch from here. It's the Riverside in (I'll add a link, if they have one, later). You would not believe the amount of people at the campground who made good natured remarks about fiting all of my stuff into my little bimmer.  I do have quite a bit of stuff, and I'm aquiring more every day.   I told them the Navy ways are long lasting.  You should see the seriously high dollar RVs these folks have. I should've taken some photos. There was one row in the campground that didn't have one single RV that looked cheaper than $200,000.

Anyway, I want to post these photos before I checkout. The hotel reminds me of the kind of places my family stayed on our family vacation to Florida back toward the begining of the shuttle era. There were heat lamps in the bathroom, but unfortunately, no MagicFingers.

this one reminded me of the AT&T adverts, ans since I'm using their air card unethically, this is my compensation


At February 10, 2010 at 1:27 PM , Anonymous dragonlms said...

What soothing photos. It's been a hectic work day, so it was nice to relax to the beautiful sunrise before going back in for another round with the kids.
In the first pic it looks like there is a heart on the trunk of the tree. That pic would make for a nice Valentine card.

At March 3, 2010 at 2:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

and I still get to see this sight every day.......florida is still chilly but we are dealing with it.....


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