Friday, February 5, 2010


Just a quick one here. While driving through Daytona, after driving on
the beach fo sunrise, I noticed the on the gps that I was going right
by the speedway. I figured I'd get a photo in front of th sign. Being
the lucky sob that I am, people just kept waving me through until I
was going through the tiunnel to the infield. Even then the guys at
the gate waved me right through. Now get this, the place is packed.
Not with redneck race fans, but with all the race teams. They're doing
inspections. I have crazy access! Right now, I'm sitting at the
Budweiser bistro, eating a delicious California turkey wrap. Im the
only one here. (ill add photos later) I've already attended a meeting
of local track operators,and scored a cool jacket. I told you I like
free stuff. I talked my way into the media center, hoping to score
more freebies, by they had squat. I never once lied. I wish I knew
more about NASCAR, cuz then I'd know how cool this is. I 'know' thi is
cool, but there's probably a gazillion super fans yjat woul make
better use of the access i scored. I think I'm gonna miss the media
briefing at NASA today. Well time to get the second half of this wrap,
wrapped up, and get out of here. I still have to finish my post that
I started last night, but didn't finish. Later...

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At February 6, 2010 at 7:56 AM , Anonymous dragonlms said...

Amazing, simply amazing. Leave it to you to get into something like that and even get free stuff out of it! ;-)


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