Thursday, February 4, 2010

Robbinsville, NC

I'm in a McDonalds in the closest thing US129, inside the GSMNP, has
to a metropolis, Robbinsville. Man, am i geeing some stares. Thats
ok, i can give em right back. If i had a whe day, i could make
friends for life with most of 'em. The accents are thiiiiick here. The
town is just to the south of the TOTD, which was an incredible drive.

I had absolutely perfect conditions. It was above freezing, and on
the Dragon itself I didn't see one other car! Not even going the other
way! Awesome. The one and only time I went to Sturgis, for the ralley,
I was nothing bit frustrated with the jam packed roads. Heck the radar
detector never even beeped, clicked, buzzed or nothing.

The only crummy thing to happen was that the battery in my zumo gps
died, so I won't have the 'track' from it. The only way I have to
charge it, is by plugging it into my laptop. Unfortunately the laptop
doesn't work unless plugged into the wall. I didnt do tha because i
didnt stay with my navy pal, or even in a hotel. I napped for a couple
hours in the, tiny, back of my car. I have another hardwire cable
coming ( ironically I just got the email that it has shipped) I knew I
wouldn't have it before I left. In anticipation, I tried to conseve
power by shutting it off, but not enough. Oh well, no one seems as
interested in my saved tracks, as I am anyway. I'm going to ask around
here and see I u can find a shop that may have a mini USB charge cable.

Ok, got to go, lots of fun roads ahead.

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At February 4, 2010 at 8:46 PM , Anonymous dragonlms said...

Sounds like Mac's would have been a good place to have a hidden button cam!

At February 4, 2010 at 9:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice work getting the camera equipment you need! maybe I can get you to give me a lesson on my camera... can't wait to see how good of pics it can take! ha!


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