Monday, February 8, 2010

Another try

OK, I've convinced myself that the scrub yesterday was a good thing. The only negative that I can think of, was that I didn't get to go down to Miami to hang out in the Superbowl atmosphere. What I did get, was a practice run.  And some valuble experience as to how things go here. Plus I get another night of sitting at my Press center seat, while a buch of people, probably much more deserving, wonder how a long haired biker type guy managed to score a seat among the elite of the media.  I've come to the realization that I will never fully appreciate how truly special this opportuity is.

The fact that I have absolutely no responsibility whatsoever, to anyone, for anything is a feeling of utter freedom.  I suppose that this blog is the only thing I feel resopsible to, and that's cool.

We're  in the 9 minute hold right now. I was starting to get bummed because the clouds had appeard again.  The same thing that hosed up last night's shot.  It's pretty chilly out there and I'm wearing  a hoodie sweatshirt under a fleece coat. I was talking with the techs for HDNet who were setting up their camera right next to mine. I told them that I probably chose the spot because of watching that angle on their channel.  They're cool guys .  They invited me up to their big satelite trailer where they have all the NASA feeds coming in, in addition to their own.

OK time to go outsite. The 9 minute hold is off and it looks like it's gonna happen. TIme to go outside.

Ooops.I forgot to publish this before going out, so it's going to be out of order.


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